Frequently Asked Questions for Administrators

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Check Output

Direct Deposits for Payroll Administrators



View Paychecks




If calendar-disable is selected during the setup process, will the calendar icon display?

No. If the calendar is disabled, the Calendar icon will not display.

Can I add additional events to a calendar based on entity, paygroup, or company code?



Check Output

How can employees use Self Service to select whether they want to receive a paper check or internet check statement?

If allowed by your payroll application, you can set up check output options in Client Preferences. Employees can use User Settings ~ Check Output to select their check output method. To receive check statements by internet only, employees must direct deposit 100% of their net pay.

If an employee is set up for paperless processing, can the employee use Self Service to switch back to a paper check?

You can set Client Preferences for check output to allow or not allow an employee to switch back to a paper check. If you do not allow employees to use Payroll WorkCenter to change back to a paper check, employees will need to contact a payroll administrator to make the change for them.

Note: Some clients may require paperless checks and paperless deposit advices.

Can I see an employee's check output selections?

Yes. If check output options are enabled in Client Preferences, you can use the Check Output Activity report on the Reporting menu to view check output activity for all employees or a single employee. You can view or print reports of employees who have selected each check output method.


Direct Deposit

Can direct deposits be set up for automatic approval?


Is there a legal requirement to mail advices of deposits?

ADP has not identified any state that requires employers to mail advice of deposits to its employees. However, ADP recommends that you seek legal counsel regarding the laws in states where you pay employees electronically. For more information about paperless processing, see Paperless Processing.

If bank data masking is used, can administrators see the account numbers?

Yes. Payroll administrators can view full bank account numbers on the Direct Deposit Summary page, the Approvals - Direct Deposits page, and the Direct Deposit Transactions report.



Can I generate a report showing how many employees access Payroll WorkCenter from work or home?

No. You can generate a user activity graph that lists how many employees accessed Payroll WorkCenter, but the graph does not show whether the employees accessed the site from work or home.

Can I change the number of rows in a report displayed on the screen?

Yes. From the Client Preferences Summary page, click ReportRowsReturned to specify the number of records displayed on a single report page. You can specify up to 99 rows of data.



Note: If you access Payroll WorkCenter through iSI and Netsecure, see information related to logon IDs, passwords, and logon security at

Is there a limit to the amount of time a user can be logged in to Payroll WorkCenter before being locked out?

Yes. Employees and administrators are locked out after 10 minutes. If an employee is locked out, he or she cannot log back into Payroll WorkCenter until 15 minutes have elapsed..

Can my company obtain an architectural diagram of Payroll WorkCenter, including firewalls and proxy servers, to address security concerns?

No. Security is ADP' first concern and obligation to its clients. The specific system configuration is proprietary information. To ensure the integrity and security of client data, Payroll WorkCenter uses industry-standard security mechanisms, including multiple levels of firewalls, intrusion detection, and quarterly security audits by external security consulting firms. Revealing details about our security infrastructure risks compromising security.


View Paychecks

When are paychecks available for viewing in Payroll WorkCenter?

Usually employee paychecks are available for you to view within 24 hours after a payroll has been transmitted to the data center. To specify when employees can view their paychecks, on the Client Preferences Summary page, in the HrsBeforeChkDate box, enter a value between 24 and 48 hours.

Can employees view CheckPro checks in Payroll WorkCenter?

Yes. Employees can view CheckPro checks. Employees cannot, however, view manual checks and adjustments.

Can I view void and non-issue checks in Payroll WorkCenter?


Can employees block their paychecks or other historical information from view?

No. Employees cannot block their paychecks or other information from view. However, as a payroll administrator, you can block paychecks or even entire payroll runs from employee view.

Can terminated employees view their paychecks in Payroll WorkCenter?

Yes. Terminated employees can view their paychecks in Payroll WorkCenter for 30 calendar days following their termination date.

Can employees on paid leaves of absence view their paychecks in Payroll WorkCenter?

If an employee on a paid leave of absence receives CheckPro checks or checks produced by ADP, the employee can view the check, even if it is for a zero amount. However, if no check is issued, nothing is available for viewing.

Note: Employees cannot view manual or adjustment checks in Payroll WorkCenter.



Can an employee who receives only a paper check access PTO and other features in Payroll WorkCenter?


Is there a legal requirement to mail Form W-2, or can it be delivered online?

IRS regulations (regulation code sections 6041, 6051, and 6050S) state that Form W-2 must be mailed to employees unless the electronic system providing the form can provide confirmation that employees consented to receive the form electronically.

Payroll WorkCenter provides a fileable copy of Form W-2 online. At this time, however, it cannot produce confirmation of employees' consent to receive the form electronically, and ADP must provide a hard-copy Form W-2 to all its clients.

Can I add or modify survey questions?


Can I change an employee's check designation from paper checks to paperless?

Yes. Change the value in the Chk Output field on page 1 of the HR/Payroll Master window in the payroll application.

Can I enter email addresses for new hires?

Yes. To enter email addresses for new hires, do one of the following:

Important: Be sure to change the data in the payroll application first, and then transfer it to Payroll WorkCenter by a payroll calculation or a download.

How often must I reset passwords?

Your employees' passwords must be reset at least every 180 days. However, you can establish expiration periods more frequently for your employees.

Note: Your client administrator passwords must also be reset at least every 180 days.

Can headers and footers be changed in Payroll WorkCenter pages?

Yes. In most areas of Payroll WorkCenter, additional header and footer information may be added to the navigational text on the page. To modify your header or footer text, contact your ADP account manager.